Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Obama Obsession Syndrome

By Dylan Hales

Steve Sailer thinks Barack Obama is a black nationalist and a racist. So do the folks at the Council of Conservative Citizens. Vdare.com ran three articles in the last 24 hours arguing this point (or some close variation of it). One of the pieces was by the totally obsessed aforementioned Steve Sailer who has taken to updating his blog several times a day with the latest "news" on Obama's hidden radical agenda. The other two were written by Marcus Epstein and Pat Buchanan respectively. Most of these pieces have a congratulatory tone to them as if to say "we told you so!" now that the "true Barack" has been revealed to the establishment media. All of this is embarrassing and indicative of why the paleoconservatives have no power in American politics today.

While it would be unfair to ask these bloggers and writers to limit their criticisms of Obama, their inability to see how they are being used is pathetic. When William Buckley died many of these same outlets and writers were quick to point out how Buckley had allowed his magazine and the broader conservative movement to be taken over by establishment minded "rightist" with totally different goals, principles and morals. This anti-Obamania trend is just another example of this.

It is true that Steve Sailer and co. were ahead of the curve on Jeremiah Wright. Sailer has been suggesting that Obama is a secret radical leftist for months now, with virtually no legislative or rhetorical evidence to support his claims. He is now being cited by mainstream journals as an authority on Obama's background largely because the mainstream right needs someone else to do the dirty work for them. Sailer, who is a brilliant writer and one of the more interesting commentators on demographics today, comes off as a race-obsessed nut, who doesn't want Obama to win because he is black. The beltway "conservatives" sure as hell aren't going to play that role even if that is part of their motivation. They will let Sailer do the background research for them, use it against Obama, and allow Sailer and his friends to take the hit as "racist" later on thus discrediting authentic conservatism once again.

It comes down to this. The Buckleyite right needs a research wing for the controversial "third rail" issues in American politics; immigration, race, sex and gay rights. Regardless of the intent, certain figures in the paleo movement continue to act as this wing, despite getting nothing in return (other than accusations of racism). Furthermore this "guilt-by-association" card being used against Obama is the very same card that was played against Ron Paul by the establishment right, as it always is when the Old Right starts to make a run for the endzone.

Richard Vigurie is right. It is time for the American Conservative movement to totally disengage itself from the Republican Party. Steve Sailer should not be writing strategy memos for McCain and the GOP from the pages of the American Conservative and VDare. Folks like him who continue to make these choices, are hurting themselves and their cause in ways that are apparently beyond their grasp. They do nothing for conservatism and nothing for a more honest politics.


Steve Sailer said...

I don't support any of the three remaining candidates. I do support the general principle that the public should be well-informed about candidates for President.

Look, most of this "research" I'm doing consists of typing into my blog passages from Obama's autobiography. It's ridiculous, although I guess it's true, that I'm having an effect on the Presidential campaign by sitting in my underwear transcribing the frontrunner's own words, but that just shows the negligence of the mainstream media.

I've attacked McCain and Clinton, but they are well-known veterans of the political wars. I simply have a comparative advantage in writing about Obama because he's new, he's shielded from much criticism due to his race, and he and I are interested in many of the same topics, e.g., "Race and Inheritance," to quote from the subtitle of his 1995 memoir.

I also repeatedly advised Obama in 2007 on the comments sections of left wing blogs like Yglesias to get out ahead of the coming Jeremiah Wright trainwreck and do a Sistah Souljah on him before being forced to when the inevitable finally happened.

I don't want the election to turn on last-minute surprises that shouldn't be surprises. I want voters to be as well informed.

Dylan Waco said...


I appreciate the response.

I also appreciate the fact that you are actually willing to actually read the campaign bios of a man who may very well be our next president.

What I don't understand is why you have given SO much coverage to Obama and his supposed ethnic nationalism.

Yes I know that McCain and Hillary have been around, and I am all in favor of tearing down the facade of Obama. Still, a total focus on Obama is a bit extreme in my view.

Mainly though I disagree about the supposed "extremism" of Obama and to a lesser degree of Wright. As a writer for VDare, a site that is constantly accused of racism, and hosts the likes of Kevin Macdonald and Jared Taylor, I expect less fear mongering on the subject of racial nationalism. As I said in the original post paleos and traditional conservatives would do well to encourage autonomous ethnic nationalist movements where it can. Distancing ourselves from the most extreme rhetoric makes sense, but condemning them for statements similar to things one would read on VDare gives credence to the worst of accusations.

Also I don't buy that Obama is a racial nationalist. I agree that he is not "above race" as the media portrays him, but then who is? Still, I find it hard to believe that a guy who chose to run against Black Panther hero Bobby Rush is a race obsessed, Sharpton style, lefty.


A said...

"Mainly though I disagree about the supposed "extremism" of Obama and to a lesser degree of Wright."

I take this sentence means you don’t think Wright is extreme? Wright subscribes to the black liberation theology of James Cone who says things like:

“Black theology refuses to accept a God who is not identified totally with the goals of the black community. If God is not for us and against white people, then he is a murderer, and we had better kill him. The task of black theology is to kill Gods who do not belong to the black community ... Black theology will accept only the love of God which participates in the destruction of the white enemy..”I

f Cone isn’t extreme who is? What does his support for Cone’s brand of theology say about Wright? BHO wants to be president on the basis of his good judgment, and not his accomplishments. Since we have precious little to evaluate him with, it seems fair to me to look into his judgment.

Joseph said...

"Sailer ... comes off as a race-obsessed nut, who doesn't want Obama to win because he is black."
You reflect the typical leftie view so accurately that you probably don't realize that you are race-obsessed yourself.
A white person is just not allowed to criticise anyone while, at the same time (or any time for that matter), pointing out that the person is not white. In the mind of the race-obsessed leftie the race of the person being criticised becomes part of the criticism, probably the only reason for the criticism, racisist "code words," etc., etc. We've heard it all before.
The truth is that Obama is only half black. Due to his East African heritage he does not resemble a "typical" African American. Many Americans of mixed race are darker skinned than Barak Obama and unquestionably accepted within the white community. He was raised by his white mother and her white parents in what most would call "lily white" surroundings. He speaks with no unidentifiable black American accent.
But Barak Obama has chosen to identify himself as black. He married a black woman, worked in the black community, joined an all black church and wrote a book about his African heritage.
That Obama deliberately chose to effectively turn his back on the majority white culture in which he was raised and immerse himself in the minority black sub-culture is, and ought to be, a subject of much discussion as regards his suitability for the office of President of the United States; and thanks to Steve Sailer, now it is.

Dylan Waco said...


You pulled one line of what I wrote and came to the conclusion that I'm some sort of self loathing white. That's just not the case.

I have no problem with someone criticizing someone and pointing out their race at the same time. I do have a problem with the idea that black nationalism is some monolithic entity out to destroy white culture. I also have a problem with the notion that Barack Obama is a diehard black nationalist. And most of all I have a problem with paleo and traditionalist conservatives carrying the water for the Republican Party.

There are plenty of criticisms to made about Obama, and some of them have to do with things he has said about race. Most of them however have to do with the fact that as was pointed out elsewhere, Obama is basically an LBJ big government liberal. While there may be a racial motivation behind Obama's statism, he is not calling for black nationalist solutions. Instead of self empowerment and community control, Obama is running on bribery and buy-offs. Who knows, maybe I"m wrong and he is a self loathing black nationalist..whatever that means.