Monday, May 5, 2008

Bill Kauffman Strikes Again

Can you tell that I love this guy yet?

First Principles just posted his review of Daniel Flynn's new history of the American Left. As someone born and bred of the anti-state left I'm always interested to see how the non-Marxist, lefties are treated by historians. Flynn is not really a historian in my estimation, and is way too much of a FrontPageMag type for my liking, but it seems he makes some distinctions which is a nice change from the status quo. Kauffman does a good job filling in the blanks and asking the right questions about the anti-communist garrison state mentality that swept the post-war right, and pointing out that those "kooky" lefties were more traditionalist and conservative than most of the National Review crowd.

Check it out. It is Kauffman at his best.

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